Author: Sophia William

Breathtaking moving wallpapers for iPhone apps!


This world is becoming more and more of a race, where everyone wants to be better than the other. With the phones getting better, the features getting sleeker and the qualities getting extraordinary; app makers are also fighting…

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Pokémon go hack for android users is now simple


Pokémon go is one game that shook the world! With people doing absurd stunts to catch unique Pokémon, to tournaments all over the globe for who could catch them all! The bad news is that Android users cannot…

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Epic pokevision alternatives to keep the Pokemon coming!


Pokémon Go took the gaming world by a storm when it came into existence and is still on top of the charts. The hassle of collecting the highest number of Pokémon and that too the most exclusive ones…

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My PlayStore is better than yours: Blackmart Alpha apk!


What is blackmart alpha? To browse Google Play Store, you need a Gmail account. This can be pretty cumbersome if you’re using other mailing IDs and don’t need a new one. Similarly, Google has to earn bucks for…

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Awesome sneaker apps that need to be on your phone!


In this fast moving world, not everyone has the time to go out and do shopping. Shoe shopping, for instance, requires ample time for trying them out, finding the perfect fit and locating the exact color combination or…

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Use monopoly apk to travel back to childhood!


The best thing about the past was that children actually had something better to do than be stuck in their phones all day long. Playing in the open air wasn’t considered uncool, nor was having board games thought…

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Capital one activate steps; A walk in the park!


Given that you’re a beginner in capital one credit cards, you’ll be pleased to know that they take good care of their clients. It’s one organization that you can place your trust into. Not only do they offer…

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Find friends on Snapchat and become super famous!


Snapchat is different from other social networks you can’t connect it to like twitter and facebook and then just add all your friends,  its a little more of a manual process. There are different ways that you can…

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iOSEMus: The Next Big Thing In Town After Cydia


Cydia made life much easier for both iOS and Android users, but ever since iOS 11 came into being Cydia has failed to operate well. Nevertheless, it still can’t beat all those computer whizzes out there who’ve now…

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How to play ps4 games on pc | Simple steps


  Play Station will remain one invention that shocked and rocked the whole wide world. Back from where it began, to what it is now is a tremendous journey of winning hearts.  The games all came out to…

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