My PlayStore is better than yours: Blackmart Alpha apk!


What is blackmart alpha?

To browse Google Play Store, you need a Gmail account. This can be pretty cumbersome if you’re using other mailing IDs and don’t need a new one. Similarly, Google has to earn bucks for itself and charges for a lot of the good applications. Furthermore, many times the apps are not compatible with some operating systems or gadgets which is annoying. Blackmart Alpha apk is an astounding substitute for iOS as a play store. All the applications are completely free of cost; there are no ‘trial’ days nor any hidden charges. The apps work on every device possible, nor does it necessitate any email ID. There are some exceptional features of Blackmart alpha that users should be aware of.

Blackmart Alpha apk features:

  • Easy as ABC for even laymen out there. While the everyday user will understand how this works, it is simple enough to be learnt by computer illiterates.
  • Can be operated in many languages so it helps users all over the world. Everybody out there doesn’t have English as their mother tongue. Why shouldn’t they also get an advantage?
  • Doesn’t charge the users a single penny, unlike the Google Play Store apps. The entire array of applications on Blackmart alpha are completely free to use, which is super awesome.
  • Bursting with a repertoire of applications ready to be downloaded. There won’t be a single app that you want and can’t find. This play store has everything you can imagine.
  • Very quick in processing speed, downloading and working. You won’t be caught up in the device crashing or hours of downloading or broken applications once installed. It is all completely perfect in functionality.

How to make Blackmart Alpha apk work?


  • Download Blackmart Alpha apk from Google (Oh, the irony is unmistakable).
  • You’ll need to modulate your device such that the security settings allow ‘unknown sources’ to be opened.
  • After transferring the downloaded apk file to the device, simply run it.
  • It will be installed in a matter of seconds and will show up on your home screen.
  • Open it and you’ll feel that you’re in the best play store you’ve ever been to.
  • Download and enjoy the applications.


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