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My PlayStore is better than yours: Blackmart Alpha apk!


What is blackmart alpha? To browse Google Play Store, you need a Gmail account. This can be pretty cumbersome if you’re using other mailing IDs and don’t need a new one. Similarly, Google has to earn bucks for…

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Awesome sneaker apps that need to be on your phone!


In this fast moving world, not everyone has the time to go out and do shopping. Shoe shopping, for instance, requires ample time for trying them out, finding the perfect fit and locating the exact color combination or…

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iOSEMus: The Next Big Thing In Town After Cydia


Cydia made life much easier for both iOS and Android users, but ever since iOS 11 came into being Cydia has failed to operate well. Nevertheless, it still can’t beat all those computer whizzes out there who’ve now…

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An ios emulator for pc brings Apple to your barn!


An ios emulator for pc has a simple task up its sleeve; to run like another operating system by tricking the PC’s own programmed code. These emulators came into being when programmers themselves found it cumbersome to check…

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How to Install iREC on iPhone And Keep a Tab on Anything


iREC was a superb introduction in applications because it allowed screen recording. This basically means that anything running on your screen, say, videos on Facebook, shots on Snapchat, calls from special numbers etc. are recorded as a video…

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