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Snapchat is different from other social networks you can’t connect it to like twitter and facebook and then just add all your friends,  its a little more of a manual process. There are different ways that you can find and add friends on Snapchat.

1. Find friends on Snapchat by username:

While those in your contact list will show up automatically, others will need to be added via their username (which you’ll have to ask them). Neither email IDs nor real names will work. Add this to ‘search’ and they’ll pop up. Simply click on that name and you’ll be allowed to send a ‘request’ to them. Whether they accept it or not, depends on your level of friendship!

2. Locate Snapchat friends by link generation:

Snapchat now permits you to make a send-able link which’ll direct your friends straight to your profile. Exchange your links through messenger/email/WhatsApp and let the fun time begin. This is slightly cumbersome because who has got that amount of time on their hands?

3. Find friends by Snapcode

Swipe down someplace on the Snapchat camera screen: This act will open the Snapchat screen where you’ll see a snapcode. Your phone’s contact list will be screened to display all users with a Snapchat, and you can find friends on Snapchat fairly simply. This is by far the easiest way because all your close friends will automatically show up; however, it is not necessary that they’re using the same phone number for Snapchat.

4. Find Snapchat friends in close proximity:

Swipe down on the Snapchat screen where your snapcode shows up. Ask your pal to do the same. Click on the ‘Add nearby’ option after which the app will locate your friend and allow you both to add each other. Imagine someone trying to add you this way when you don’t even want to add them!

5. Press “Added Me.”:

snapchat add me

Most users forget that they can find friends on Snapchat by the entire array of requests is hidden in the ‘Added me’ section. You can cherry-pick the ones you want in your friend list. You can even get requests from people you don’t know at all.

6. Save an image to your gadget that holds a Snapcode:

This one’s super cool; save to your gallery a photo containing someone’s snapcode. Open the app and select ‘add friends by snapcode’. Snapchat will then look through your gallery to find the snapcode, scan it and add that friend.

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