Get iMessage on PC and knock yourself out!


When a computer whiz gets his head into the game, he cracks all codes possible. This is why there are now multiple ways to install iMessage on PC. Here are a few that you can try out:

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. This one necessitates a MAC with iMessage installed because you need to connect the devices.
  2. Install Chrome as well as Chrome Remote Desktop on both MAC and the Windows PC.
  3. Only on MAC, also install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  4. This Chrome Remote Desktop permits one to use files on another PC via Chrome browser. Use the security code provided to link both devices and use iMessage on PC.

Use a Free Emulator to install iMessage by PC.

  1. Go to to download the emulator presented there.
  2. Once the emulator is installed, you can run it.
  3. Run the iPadian software on your computer where you’ll easily find iMessage in the search bar.
  4. There is no additional step, because you can access iMessage from here.
  5. What’s even better is that you can even download Apple messenger from here as well and use it to send messages.

Jailbreak your iPhone

Lastly, to use iMessage on PC you can jailbreak your phone. Cydia tweak can help you alter your phone such that it listens to your commands even if they’re forbidden by the operating system. You’ll need to buy an application called the Remote Messages in Cydia after it’s installed. This will then explain to you how you can connect your device to iMessage and you’ll be good to go!



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