iOSEMus: The Next Big Thing In Town After Cydia


Cydia made life much easier for both iOS and Android users, but ever since iOS 11 came into being Cydia has failed to operate well. Nevertheless, it still can’t beat all those computer whizzes out there who’ve now made an application installer called iOSEmus. This is the very first substitute of Cydia to ever surface on the globe and is already proving itself. Whether your device is jailbroken or not, iOSEmus will still function.


iOSEmus Attributes:

  1. Very uncomplicated to install. Even those who do not have the knacks for interne will be able to grasp how to download this.
  2. Easy as ABC to operate for everyone. Again, even people who aren’t very good with technology will find it a walk in the park to operate iOSEmus thanks to the super user-friendly interface.
  3. No Apple or Gmail account is needed, so there’s no need to create a fake one for it.
  4. Doesn’t necessitate a jailbreak. Your device will remain completely free of such nitty gritty!
  5. All applications are free and readily downloadable. There won’t be any hidden charges or special instructions that need to be followed prior.
  6. There is no security breach, malware or spyware which means that your device and personal information is totally safe.
  7. Even if faults arise, they are fixed promptly because the developers are always ready to help.

Download iOSEmus App Installer:

It is fairly simple to install iOSEMus. All you need beforehand is an internet connection, as well as making sure all other applications are closed. If you clean the browser history, it is very commendable.

  1. Open your browser from the iOS device you have.
  2. Write iosem using the search bar and enter.
  3. There shall be two logos on the page from which you’ll need to choose one.
  4. Then you need to press an ‘allow’ button to go to the iOSEMus settings.
  5. Here you’ll see an install button which you need to click.
  6. Now you’ll see the iOSEMus app on your home screen.
  7. Open the app and look for everything you need!

And that’s all you need to do to get your hands on all the coolest applications and games out there!

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