Use monopoly apk to travel back to childhood!


The best thing about the past was that children actually had something better to do than be stuck in their phones all day long. Playing in the open air wasn’t considered uncool, nor was having board games thought to be plain old boring. The likes of Ludo and Chess were, and still are classic; but one game that people tend to forget is the grand old Monopoly. The good thing is that developers are bringing everything into the digital world, even if it has lost its worth in the everyday life If you’ve been an ardent monopoly player in adolescence, you already have the knacks to play it online as monopoly apk. For those unaware of this addictive game, here’s a short summary that’ll fully explain what the game was all about.

What is monopoly?

You roll the dice and land on different boxes that depict ‘properties’. If you want to buy it, you have to pay the bank a sum. If you land on someone else’s property you’ve got to pay the rent and vice versa. Once you own all the properties in a set, you can even make houses and hotels on it to increase the rent. Nevertheless, app stores know how extremely popular these games are, thus they charge you to play. Find yourself a way around this fee through monopoly apk.monopoly-apk


How to use monopoly apk?

  1. Go to Google where you will type monopoly apk A lot of links will pop up and you can choose any one. Open the site where you’ll see a download button that you’ll need to click.
  2. As soon as the apk file is downloaded, you must use a cable/Bluetooth and move the file to your phone/tablet.
  3. Talking about the device, you need to go to the Android’s settings and search for ‘security’. Permit the ‘Unknown sources’ key.
  4. Go to the monopoly apk file that you moved from your PC, and it’ll by design begin installing.
  5. The minute the installation is over, you will see the Monopoly icon on your home screen from where you can open it up.
  6. Play the game without having to pay a single penny. Knock yourself out!

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