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This world is becoming more and more of a race, where everyone wants to be better than the other. With the phones getting better, the features getting sleeker and the qualities getting extraordinary; app makers are also fighting their way into the cool crowd. Stationary backgrounds are way too mainstream now; what you’re looking for is backgrounds that move! More than a few applications out there will bring about moving wallpapers for iPhone to you but the best ones have been listed out here:

  1. LiveLive wallpapers:
    for me has a large repertoire of amazing wallpapers. You can cherry-pick your desired category like ‘city lights’ or ‘rainfall’ and screen it for your favorite. Furthermore, this app keeps adding fresh wallpapers weekly!
  2. Live wallpapers on IPhone HD:
    IPhone moving wallpapers are also found on ‘live wallpapers for IPhone HD’. Reliant on your frame of mind, you can select the wallpaper that touches your heart.
  3. Live wallpapers by themify:
    Encompasses skillfully created live wallpapers. Decorated with startling simulations, they are an enchantment for device. You’ll be looking at your phone every five seconds!
  4. Live wallpapers and backgrounds plus:
    Aims to bring nature to life with their jaw dropping moving wallpapers for iPhone. Swim with sharks, relax on the beach, breathe fresh mountain air; all at your Iphone’s screen.
  5. Theme boss:
    As the name indicates, has categorized the Iphone’s moving wallpapers into nature, animals, home, oceans and so on. This makes it easier to browse and choose.
  6. Black Lite moving wallpapers for iPhone:
    This is another famous application grabbing a whopping 4.5/5 star rating by users all around the globe. As gorgeous as its name, the app displays deep and enchanting colors for your screen that are bound to mesmerize you.
  7. iPhone Face:
    The sassiest moving wallpapers for iPhone app because it allows you to display your own, personal photos as live wallpapers! Not only can you do that, but also blur out unnecessary portions of the photo that you don’t really want! As soon as you download these ultra-awesome applications, you’ll find yourself swimming in the coolest moving wallpapers out there. Not to mention, you’ll also find that you’re now a part of the super cool crowd who are always on top.

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