An ios emulator for pc brings Apple to your barn!


An ios emulator for pc has a simple task up its sleeve; to run like another operating system by tricking the PC’s own programmed code. These emulators came into being when programmers themselves found it cumbersome to check…

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How to Install iREC on iPhone And Keep a Tab on Anything


iREC was a superb introduction in applications because it allowed screen recording. This basically means that anything running on your screen, say, videos on Facebook, shots on Snapchat, calls from special numbers etc. are recorded as a video…

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Pokemon duel hack for all the die-hard gamers out there!


What is Pokemon duel? In Pokemon duel you have to make a team of Pokemon’s who will have to reach a ‘goal’ that is actually in the antagonist’s area. You’ll win the game if you reach it before…

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Snapchat Hack iPhone through Spyzie app in easy steps


Teenagers nowadays have unlimited as well as unrestricted access to social media. While there are benefits of entering this global village, it also brings all the dirt and scum to the child. From watching sensual and violent videos,…

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Get iMessage on PC and knock yourself out!


When a computer whiz gets his head into the game, he cracks all codes possible. This is why there are now multiple ways to install iMessage on PC. Here are a few that you can try out: Use…

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