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Play Station will remain one invention that shocked and rocked the whole wide world. Back from where it began, to what it is now is a tremendous journey of winning hearts.  The games all came out to be exceptional; and united people all across families, schools, neighborhoods and what not! Because hey! Who can say no to a classic game on PS? However, some people want these super sleek games on their PC instead. In this world, you don’t even need to say your wish out loud before some computer genies fulfill it. Here’s how to do it very easily.

Steps to play ps4 games on pc:

Step 1:

Simply go to the App store and download the newly released Remote Play for PC/Mac. There shall be guidelines present there in case you’re facing any sort of glitch.

Step 2:

The PS4 software must be 3.50 to work, thus you might need to update it. In normal settings, the PS4 updates itself robotically. Nevertheless, you can also manually update the version by going to PS4 settings and allowing software update.


Step 3 to play ps4 games on pc:

To play ps4 games on pc, open the PC remote play app and link it to your Dualshock 4 controller. Only a cable can help you work your way around this. Once done, simply press the start button.


Step 4

Now you need to sign in to your PSN account, which is identical to the one you utilize on PS4.ps4-games


Step 5:

Next it’s up to the app to connect to PS4. The connection will be set up in a matter of minutes. The only thing you need to do is to set up PS4 as your primary PS4 so that the web settings can pick it up.

Step 6:

If your system doesn’t connect even after a long time, you might need to do it manually in order to play ps4 games on pc. Make sure your PS4 and PC are on the same internet modem. Go to settings on the PS4, head onto connection settings and simply enter the code provided to you by the Remote play app. It should connect easily now.

Step 7:

Completely knock yourself out!

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