Pokémon go hack for android users is now simple


Pokémon go is one game that shook the world! With people doing absurd stunts to catch unique Pokémon, to tournaments all over the globe for who could catch them all! The bad news is that Android users cannot enjoy this game because it’s only available on Apple operating systems. Don’t fret because programmers out there find a knack for everything and before you know it you’ll be running after Pikachu on your Android device. But how so? Here’s the ultimate Pokémon go hack for android.


Features of Pokémon go hack for android apk:

1. It’s totally free of cost but has certain purchase options inside the gaming zone. This means that you won’t have to pour out your pocket money into it unless you want certain coins or unique Pokemons, which is totally your call.

2. It works on Android smartphones only; tablets are not catered. But this isn’t a problem for most of the users since smartphones are majorly used to play games.

3. Android phones with a minimum of 2GB RAM are entertained. Not a problem!

4. If the device does not have GPS options, then the game will cease to function. This one’s pretty obvious; if the app doesn’t know where you exactly are, it cannot point out Pokémon in your vicinity.

5. Intel Atom processors do not accommodate this game.

6. Sometimes, the Pokémon go hack for android apk file fails to work without any apparent reason. This is a bummer but there’s nothing you can do about it except try and download it again after restarting the device.

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How to install Pokémon go apk on your Android Phone?

The procedure is virtually the same to downloading any apk file on the internet, but if you’re completely new to this process, here’s a short summary of what you need to do:

  1. Type Pokémon go hack for android on Google and open the link. Download the file from the link provided.
  2. Put the file in your android device through a cable or via Bluetooth.
  3. Go to your android device’s security settings and enable ‘unknown sources’.
  4. Run the transferred apk file. Once installed, the Pokémon Go game shall be ready.


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