Privacy Policy

When you read ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘Company’, it is denoting Saphire rocks. This website is very thoughtful about your privacy thus remains totally confidential. The bulk of sites nowadays take in some information or the other about their visitors. This is so as to know how much traffic they’ve had, the page that has attracted most visitors and so on to improve their performance. Similarly, Saphire rocks also takes in some information about the people who visit the site for their own betterment.

Saphire rocks acknowledges that your privacy is of utmost importance. Thus, we are keen to preserving the confidentiality of their visitors. This privacy policy will fully explain what information of yours Saphire rocks saves and how that information is helpful to them. It is significant to note that this data will never be shared with any other party, and is strictly for Saphire rocks only. Read this entire privacy policy to grasp why this is imperative.

Personal data

We conceivably will focus on your personal facts about you including your name and email ID etc. as soon as you login to our facility, involve yourself in in promotions, contests, intermix in our supportive life-force, answer or interrelate with us. We may similarly collect supplemental information such as postal address, mobile number, birthday, sexual category, bank details or additional credit statistics. Occasionally, we may ask about your likes and dislikes so as to make this website more appealing. The motive of drawing together this information is to scrutinize visits to our site and to distinguish the contentment of our visitors collectively and individually.

How We Use Your Personal Data

Saphire rocks does not disclose or let anyone know about your sequestered data. We merely collect your reserved information for the succeeding justifications and in the subsequent circumstances:

  • To operate and improve the site, materials on it, and other amenities
  • To expand the operational aptitude
  • To catch your tastes and likings employing our website and amenities
  • To bring the amenities, themes and digits contingent to your fancies
  • To preserve the principles of the site by providing you admirable amenities
  • To answer your remarks and inquiries
  • To reply to your questions
  • To supply services that you claim
  • To get disparagement to allow us to modify and expand the materials we show
  • To communicate with you about imminent events, contests, and awards
  • To examine and file litigations in response to banned actions or delinquencies

How We Share Your Data

Saphire rocks retains your information top secret and does not tenant or supply it to others. We may convey your private information to some other party if they are providing some material to the site. In this condition, such go-betweens will be bound to utilize your private information in coherence with this Privacy Policy.